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kdrama korean drama Crash Landing on You Hyun Bin Son Ye-jin Kim Jung-hyun and Seo Ji-hye Ri Jeong-hyuk Yoon Se-ri Goo Seung-joon Seo Dan army military

kdrama lovers – Fever Korean drama Crash Landing, you’re still not ended. Until now, the military-themed drama with a romantic touch is still popular.

Actually, the drama with this theme has been made and gets a positive response. Although military-themed romantic, action scenes still appear to make the story more interesting.

1. Road Number One

road number one korean drama army soldier kdrama korean drama So Ji-sub as Lee Jang-woo Kim Ha-neul Kim Soo-yeon Yoon Kye-sang Shin Tae-ho Choi Min-soo Yoon Sam-soo Son Jong-ki

This drama tells the story of Lee Jang Woo (So Ji Sub) who finds himself in a war, even though he was not ready. At the same time, it must protect Kim Soo Yeon (Kim Ha Neul), the woman he loved for a long time.

Jang Woo was able to pass and show the skills to survive on friendship, cooperation, and ideology in a state of war. Soo Yeon who is awaiting the return of Jang Woo moved to Shin Tae Ho (Yoon Kye Sang).

Korean dramas have become one of the most popular in 2010. Acting amazed So Ji Sub and Kim Ha Neul no doubt, Bun.

2. Descendants of the Sun (DOTS)

kdrama korean drama Descendants of the Sun Yoo Si-jin Song Joong-ki Song Hye-kyo Kang Mo-yeon Jin Goo Seo Dae-young Kim Ji-won Yoon Myeong-ju Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun (DOTS) are one of the most popular Korean dramas of all time. An interesting story made this drama get a high rating on the pulse.

DOTS tells a love story and an army doctor. Mo Kang Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) is a beautiful doctor who is assigned to a country called Uruk. There, Mo Yeon met with captain Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong Ki).

Although initially often quarrel, the two eventually set up a love story. Relationships Mo Si Yeon and Jin have a lot of obstacles for employment Si Jin.

3. King 2 Heart

kdrama korean drama The King 2 Hearts Lee Seung Gi Lee Jae Ha Ji-won Kim Hang Ah Jo Jung Suk Eun Shi Kyung Yoon Je Moon Kim Bong Goo Lee Yoon Ji Lee Jae Shin TVN

Korea’s military-themed romantic drama other is the King 2 Hearts. The drama is played by Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won.

Tells of Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi), a handsome but materialistic crown prince who does not care about politics and the throne. The king then tricked Jae Ha to join together with the North Korean military. This is done so that the crown can be grown.

Meanwhile, Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won) is a North Korean Special Forces officer who is also the daughter of a North Korean military official of high rank. Jae Ha and Hang Ah meet in military training, fall in love, get married. In the middle of the story, debates and disputes arise between the kingdom and the state of North Korea, Bun.

4. Comrades

kdrama korean drama Legend of the Patriots comrades Choi Soo-jong Lee Hyeon-joong Lee Tae-ran Lee Soo-kyung Lee Deok-hwa Park Woong Kim Roi-ha Park Il-kwon Hong Kyeong-in

Not all Korean drama with a military theme just focuses on the love relationships of the main characters, Bun. The Comrades Korean drama, released in 2010, tells the world the seriousness of the military in Korea.

This drama was made to commemorate the soldiers who risked their lives in the Korean War between North and South Korea from 1950 to 1953.

Tells the story of Lee Hyun Joong (Chooi Soo Jong), a commander of the South Korean war and veterans who are dedicated to protecting the lives of its soldiers. He then met with Lee Soo Kyung (Lee Tae Ran) on the battlefield and reopening memories of the past. However, Soo-Kyung no ordinary woman was a lieutenant of the North Korean forces.

5. Iris

kdrama korean drama iris Lee Byung-hun Kim Hyun-jun Kim Tae-hee Choi Seung-hee Jung Joon-ho Jin Sa-woo Kim Seung-woo Park Cheol-young Kim So-yeon

Iris became a drama starring many well-known South Korean artists. Among them is Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Hee, Jung Joon Ho, Kim Seung Woo, and Kim So Yeon.

The story is about two friends Kim Hyung Joon (Lee Byung Hun) and Jin Sa Woo (Jung Joon Ho) were trained by the South Korean army. Both later worked in the NSS (National Security Service).

Hyun Joon and Sa Woo fell in love with the same woman, Choi Seung Hee (Kim Tae Hee). their lives changed when Hyun Joon is given a mission to Hungary and framed.

6. City Hunter

kdrama korean drama City Hunter Lee Min Ho Lee Yun Seong Park Min Young Kim Na Na Lee Jun-Hyuk Kim Young Joo Hwang Sun Hee Jin Soo Hee Goo Hara Choi Da Hye

Kdramas – Mon actor Lee Ho fan can not miss this Korean drama. City Hunter Lee Min Ho plays Lee Yoon Sung, talented and worked on the international communications team at the Blue House.

Behind it all, Yoon Sung really plans to take revenge on five politicians who caused the death of his father. He turns to City Hunter to disguise his identity. In its mission, Yoon Sung met her idol Kim Na Na (Park Mun Young).

7. Bridal Mask

kdrama korean drama Joo Won Lee Kang-to Sato Hiroshi Lee YoungJin Se yeon Oh Mok dan Esther Boon yiPark Ki woong Kimura Shunji Shin Hyun jun Lee Kang-san Lee In Han Chae Ah Ueno Rie Lara Chae Hong-joo

Bridal Mask is a Korean drama adapted from the comic of the same name. Telling about Lee Kang To (Joo Won), an ambitious Korean officer who worked with the Japanese invaders.

Although her mother did not agree, Kang, continue to work to bring the family out of poverty. However, there is a mysterious masked figure, dubbed Bridal Mask Kang blocking the way for that.

Besides played by Joo Won, this drama also played by Jin Se Yeon, Park Ki Wong, and Shin Hyun Joon. Not only that, but the setting of this Korean drama also made different from other dramas.

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