Best 5 Latest Korean Drama Recommendations in January 2020 kdrama

Best 5 Latest Korean Drama Recommendations in January 2020 kdrama

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New York – Korean theater lovers, it’s time to take a look at the new show that you can enjoy in January 2020. The latest recommendations of Korean drama earlier this year show many genres.

Starting from the kind of romantic drama, drama, drama Korean medical spiced with culinary themes. The recommendations of the latest Korean drama that is to follow.

1. Dr. Romantic 2

dr. romantic 2

Recommended newest Korean drama 2020. Photo: Special

The first recommendation of romantic Korean drama is Dr 2 “has a medical theme and is a result of” Dr. romantic. This Korean drama aired on SBS on Monday and Tuesday.

The Korean drama, Han Suk Kyu, Lee Kyung Sung, and Ahn Hyo Seop, tells the story of a doctor called Dr. romantic or teacher Kim. It is strange that a doctor does not want to socialize with colleagues.

2. Touch


Recommended newest Korean drama 2020. Photo: Special

The second recommendation is the Korean drama “touch” that will be broadcast on Channel From January 3, 2020, on Fridays and Saturdays. The Korean drama is a genre of the romantic comedy starring actress Kim Bo Ra and Jo Sang Wook.

This romantic comedy Korean Drama tells the story of a Kpop idol trainee who practices for 10 years but was not chosen by his agency in its infancy. Finally, he worked as an assistant makeup artist who was in debt.

3. The game: Towards Zero

the game toward zero

Recommended newest Korean drama 2020. Photo: Special

For those of you who are looking for Korean drama thriller and criminal recommendations, “Gambling: Towards Zero” is worth a look. This Korean drama stars Taecyeon and Lee Yeon-hee.

Korean Drama kdrama Game: Towards Zero will air its first episode on January 22, 2020 on MBC. 14:00 The drama starring Taecyeon and Lee Yoon Hee, will replace the drama Love With Errors, which ended last week. The Drakor directed by Jang Joon Ho and works with screenwriter Lee Ji Hyo. Jang Joon Ho himself had previously been directed drama The Time (2018), Bad Thief Good Thief (2017), The Invincible Lady Cha (2015) and Princess Aurora (2013).

4. Crash Landing On You

crash landing on you

Recommended newest Korean drama 2020. Photo: Crash Landing on you (Doc IMDB.)

“Crash Landing On You” was actually broadcast from December 14, 2019, but it can still be used until the end of January 2020, so we have chosen as a recommendation for the latest Korean drama. This Korean romantic comedy-drama starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, on tv N airs every Saturday and Sunday.

This Korean drama tells the story of the heir of a conglomerate in South Korea that made a North Korean emergency landing due to an accident of paragliding. He also met with the North Korean high officers, who tried to protect and conceal the government.

5. The money game

money game

Recommended newest Korean drama 2020. Photo: Special

Korean Drama kdrama Money Game will broadcast its first episode starting January 15, 2020, on tvN. The drama, starring Go Soo, Lee Sung Min, and Shim Eun Kyung will replace the drama Psychopath Diary which ended last week. The Drakor was directed by Kim Sang Ho and worked with screenwriter Lee Young-Mi. Kim Sang Ho has previously directed a number of popular Korean dramas including Spring Turns to Spring (2019), Fall From The Sky (2017), Hwajung (2015) to When a Man Loves (2013).

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